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Pediatric Foot Care

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You want your child to be healthy from head to toe, which is why pediatric foot care is so important. At Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center, the expert team of podiatrists can help you navigate the myriad problems that can crop up in your child’s feet, from growth plate injuries to ingrown toenails. If you’re in the Phoenix or Maricopa, Arizona, area, simply call to learn more about pediatric foot care or use the online scheduler.

Pediatric Foot Care Q & A

Why is pediatric foot care necessary?

Your child develops at a fast pace and you want to make sure that they’re healthy, every step of the way. Just as you regularly visit your pediatrician or your dentist, foot care is extremely important in helping them negotiate the world around them.

At Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center, the team understands the many issues that can affect the feet of your growing child and they’re at the ready to ensure that your child has the best start in life, from the ground up.

What are the most common problems that develop in children’s feet?

The most common foot problems among children and adolescents include:

Athletic injuries

As soon as your child learns to walk, they’re off and running. Soon enough, they may be involved in athletic pursuits and you’re nursing sports injuries. Among the more common injuries are minor fractures and sprained ankles.

Sever’s disease

As your child grows, their body contains growth plates to allow room for their bones to mature and grow. With Sever’s disease, the cartilage that makes up the growth plate becomes irritated, inflamed, and painful. Sever’s disease is most often found among active 10- to 13-year olds who engage in running and jumping sports.

Warts and toenail fungus

If your child frequents public spaces that feature wet environments (think pools and locker rooms), they’re susceptible to infections like warts and toenail fungus. These issues can be easily treated in-office.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails can happen to anyone, but they’re especially prevalent in young dancers. We can perform a simple procedure in-office to quickly and permanently fix this issue.


Medically known as dyshidrotic eczema, this common condition results in small, itchy blisters on the toes and soles of your child’s feet.

What are the treatments for pediatric foot issues?

Because of the variety of conditions that can affect your child’s feet, treatment depends upon the problem. Rest assured, the podiatrists at Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center offer the latest treatment protocols to help your child make their through life with healthy feet.

A few examples of the treatments the team offers includes:

  • Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Pads and orthotics
  • Topical and oral medications for fungal infections
  • Minor surgery for ingrown toenails
  • Bracing, boots, and crutches

No matter the condition, the team at Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center works diligently to find the best solution for your child’s foot care needs.

To learn more about pediatric foot care, call Ahwatukee Foot & Ankle Center or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.